Phone support yet?

Last time i checked there was no Nvidia support for these. Has that changed at all ? We were told to go to whom we purchased them from - i.e. Dell.

I call Dell Gold support and they know very little.

Is there an email for support for these ?.. with Nvidia ?

Hi Bob,

I’m confused as I don’t understand the question fully as this is in the GRID forums which are server graphics cards and you are talking about both dell and phones.

if you have a remote protocol such as VMware or Citrix then they make client products such as Citrix Receiver for Android or iOS and VMware do similar. They decode the protocol’d graphics which may have been encoded using NVIDIA on the server.

But phone support is confusing in terms of a server GPU.

Can you clarify?

@mcerveny - Thank you… Isnt this for the new 2.0 though ?.. Any thoughts if this covers support for existing K2 Kepler cards ? I will certainly contact them … thank you !

@RachelBerry - Sorry for any confusion. I am just looking for a Support number to call for the K2. Installing these things has been insanely frustrating from the get-go. I initially called NVidia when i ran into problems - they stated I had to work with Whom we purchased them from. That Entity was Dell. Dell Gold support is quite good - however they had not been given one of these cards ( by their managers ) to learn from. Thus Dell gold support only knew what i did from reading the manual.

I was just looking for a free/paid support telephone number to call… as i had been turned down by nvidia before - I was just curious if one existed as of now.

I will try the link mcerveny sent ( thank you ) and see if they also provide more than ‘2.0’ support ( 2.0 isn’t out yet right ? ).

I also called the main nvidia number about 3 days ago and was told there was a level 2/3 K2 nvidia support team and they would be contacting me… I have not heard of anything as of yet.

I think i solved my issue - however trying to find immediate support for these has been quite frustrating.

i DO appreciate these forums existing… they have helped me out… thank you.

thank - you ,