Photoshop 24.1.1 Not Showing in Apps Installed

Having concern with why Photoshop is not showing as an installed app in GForce Experience.
Video card RTX 2070
I have the latest Studio driver installed for the app. Other programs which rely on GPU is recognized. This includes Adobe LrC (LightRoomClassic). Would not be much of an issue except in Photoshop shows Legacy OpenGL. Preference are set in Photoshop to use GP and the card is recognized. Therefore not sure if this is a Photoshop issue or NVIDIA issue?


Hello @westdr1dw, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.
Plese check out the GeForce Experience Page for Supported Creative Apps. In the dropdown choose “Optimal Application Settings”. Photoshop is not listed.
The distinction here is that some apps can benefit from certain graphics settings just like Games do, but others have native support and don’t need to be optimized by GeForce Experience.

PhotoShop has built-in and should show proper GPU support if it is an up-to-date version for the NVIDIA driver that you have installed. You should be able to find compatibility information on the Adobe support pages.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Marcus was a little perplexed when I did not see PS listed. There is also an article on Puget Systems which comments on PS video card options. Bottom line is PS seems to lag behind optimizing the GPU. As of the date of the article (Jan 23) any card beyond 3060 has only little to no advantage. Since I am not a gamer I will have to wait continue to run with my 2070 which I have been content.