Phy1G mode issue on custom Tegra TX2 board


We are working on a Tegra TX2 SoC based custom board with JP4.3. The board is working fine with a 10BASE-T/100M connection, and the upload/download speed is good (tested with iperf). But with 1G connection, we are getting only KBits per sec. Tested the same BSP on TX2 with P2597 carried card and got 500Mbits upload and download speed.

Compared the mii flags on the phy driver for both. In TX2, there is no flow control, and the Pause frame (LPA_PAUSE_CAP) was not enabled, but our custom board Flow control and Pause frame are ON by default. We have disabled the flow control by using ethtool and disabled the phy->pause by commenting the flag LPA_PAUSE_CAP in phy_device.c (a ugly patch), but still facing the same problem.

We are not sure pause frame or flow control are the major issue, but any comments on this will be really helpful to us.


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