Physical Jetson Dev kit size TX1 vs TX2


Is there any definite word on how the TX2 lines up, pin for pin, connector for connector and overall dimensions with the TX1?

Will all my custom expansion parts and case I’ve made for my TX1 fit the TX2?


It uses the same carrier board, but some previously reserved pins now have function. Everything which worked on the TX1 carrier board should work with the TX2 without modification.

Note it also ships with anti tamper torx holding the TX2 SOM package onto the dev board. No removing for you!

On the one I have there was a tag going through the mounting screw of the heat sink…I did loosen that enough to pull the tag out and re-tighten, but it’s an ordinary phillips head screw. Are you talking about under the heat sink (which I didn’t remove)?

Tamper resistant Torx holding the SOM to the motherboard

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Mine was an early release, perhaps that’s why it has phillips instead of torx.

Hmm, maybe one of these will work: