Physical Objects Jump up

Why I use replicator API generate the data will render like that??
The whole thing jumps up!!!

@lily.chen does it look like there is a lack of gravity? is that what you meant by ‘jumps up’?

means bounce upwards without gravity~
How can I set the gravity by code?

When I render by click the Play button in interface, everything looks well.
But There always have the problem I mention before when I use replicator physics.

Screenshot from 2023-08-08 13-16-05

here is an older thread with a few snippets of code that could be all you need to set the gravity - Replicator Composer - objects is not dropped and overlapping. there is another thread that i pointed out at the bottom as well.

personally, i am not familiar with the replicators, so take my response with a grain of salt.

Thank you~ I’ll try to find a clue from your ref.

if you were able to find the necessary code that could resolve your problem, feel free to post them here. something tells me there will be others facing the same issue in the future 🙂

Yes, If I find the solution, I will

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Make sure your objects also have mass set. No or low-mass objects bounce around a lot.