Physics in VR


Is it possible to enable physics so I can drop things when I am in VR?

I haven’t tested but physics should definitely work in VR.

Sounds good. I havent been able to set physics to the objects in the scene. Any tips and trix I can look at?

Yep, just add a RB with collider preset on your object. Make sure you’re using a Physics Ground Plane.


Press play (space bar) to start the sim. Hold shift+LMB to drag the physics object around.

I understand. But in the XR app you cant apply physics (see attached image).


But maybe it is possible to do that in Create, save it and open the scene in XR. I have not tried that.

It did not work unfortunately.

Confirmed with the team, it’s in the queue for a future release. Sorry for the run-around.

hi, is this still not possible to use physics information to be played in XR?

Can confirm this works now in 2022.2