Physics not working the way its supposed to work when using the warehouse Asset

After importing the default warehouse asset when we are trying to simulate physics for any static mesh, it is colliding with some kind of invisible actor that is causing the physics asset to shoot out of the warehouse.

Please refer to the video if unclear

From the video it looks like the static mesh geometry was approximated by a convex mesh approximation. It looks like the cube was just pushed out of the convex mesh. Can you check if the static geometry does have a triangle mesh collision representation for the physics?

I am not quite sure what you mean by Triangle mesh Collision, I have just enabled physics for the mesh which I believe has a box collision.

Could it be possible that the asset which we have imported has added collision…is there anyway we can import just the asset without any collisons

I am not familiar with UE importer sorry, from USD perspective the Warehouse in OV does have UsdPhysics.CollisionAPI applied most likely, treating the object as a collider. However you need to define what is the collision mesh representation throu UsdPhysics.MeshCollisionAPI, which defines how the objects will collide with the mesh. Again I am not sure at all how UE imports this, but it looks like it did not created triangle mesh collisions but rather some solid approximation like convex hull or box, meaning that it will push any other colliders out of the object. I guess you should see this in UE collision properties of the imported warehouse mesh?

Hi toolsleepy,
Omniverse connect will generate the convex for all the usd meshes. There’s no auto way to disable the collision during importing usd, but we’ll consider it and added it in the release.

Hi, I fixed this issue. I individually removed the physics (This Physics is invisible to the physics view in Unreal). Then later I added collision to the assets. This seemed to have solved the issue for the time being. Can you suggest if this is the right way to move forward.