[Physics.PhysX] cleaning the mesh failed

Hi there Everyone ;) !

We re using Unity Engine to develop more new games in the market.

We are experiencing this afternoon several problems with video cards and compliadores pipeline Family GTX with the rendering of 3D games with simple shaders.

[Physics.PhysX] Cleaning the mesh failed
is a very unusual error for us developers who use powerful computers to run Bakes.

There were several errors until finding the correct pipeline that is generating the problem: TriangleMeshBuilder.cpp Line: 264

The full path of the error only appeared when we ran a debug version with logs to demonstrate this new brutal flaw:
(Filename: C:/buildslave/physx/build/Source/PhysXCooking/src/mesh/TriangleMeshBuilder.cpp Line: 264)

Hello @cultzone and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Which version of PhysX are you using? Ideally, you should share the NVIDIA Control Panel System Information, you can save that to a file from within that dialog. That might help others in the community to better be able to assist.

Also, if possible, a stack trace would be helpful.

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cool, so thank you ;) We sharing the version:
NVIDIA System Information 10-19-2022 13-24-49.txt (3.8 KB)
PhysX 09.21.0713 NVIDIA PhysX