PhysX 3.2.1 Problem with creating rigid body

I use code from thic tutorial I try to create rigid box calling method PxCreateDynamic. This is code responsible for creating this :

box1=PxCreateDynamic(*gPhysicsSDK, PxTransform(PxVec3(0.0, 4.0, 0.0)), PxBoxGeometry(0.5,0.5,0.5), *cubeMaterial, 2.0f);

I checked that gPhysicsSDK is succeed. What I do wrong?
Debugger error :

Have you set up your dipsatcher, user allocator and output message stream?



I guess they should work, it crashs on the line where he want to create the box.
Thus the other commands work above - it seems that gPhysicsSDK work.
I guess the cubeMaterial isnt valid - could you replace it with planeMaterial ?

It would be nice when you show us how you initalize your cubeMaterial,
and the other important things.

When this wont work, create your box actor like this: (I´ve changed it to your code)

PxMaterial* cubeMaterial = gPhysicsSDK->createMaterial(0.0,0.0,0.0);
PxRigidDynamic* mActor = gPhysicsSDK->createRigidDynamic(PxTransform(PxVec3(0.0, 4.0, 0.0)));
PxShape* mShape = mActor->createShape(PxBoxGeometry(0.5,0.5,0.5),*cubeMaterial);