PhysX 3.2.1 with Visual Studio 2012

Hi, folks, I have recently migrated my code from 2.x to 3.2.1. Some parts took a while to figure out, especially the new joint system with local poses from each body. But it works great now! :D

One thing that annoys me is actually VS 2012. Visual Studio 2012 keeps throwing build warnings that .pdb files were not found for PhysX library. That’s obviously expected since PhysX libraries are provided without debug symbols.

But I have yet to find a way to disable those warnings in VS2012. Has anyone found a way to fix these warnings yet?

warning LNK4099: PDB 'physxprofilesdkchecked.pdb' was not found 
with 'PhysXProfileSDKCHECKED.lib(PxProfileEventImpl.obj)' 
or at 'physxprofilesdkchecked.pdb'; linking object as if no debug info


I have the same problem. This is actually a Microsoft design decision - the LNK4099 linker warning is considered too important to disable. All attempts to suppress this warning are ignored. As a result, we are forced to hunt through dozens of benign warnings each build attempt while looking for a potential problem.
As far as I know, there is no solution short of recompiling and reshipping the relevant PhysX libraries with the PDB. I would be happy to be proven wrong though!