Physx-3.3.0 Samples and CUDA dependency.

Previously in PhysX 3.2.2 the samples were able to be run without errors. Now with the 3.3.0 upgrade, which by the way is a huge step forward ( despite a few issues I’ve been having ) there is a hard dependency on the CUDA runtime being available. Missing nvcuda.dll. I do not have a Nvidia GPU hence the error. May I point out that it is only the samples that have this dependency, the SDK works fine.

The sdk works fine. Just the sample is depending from CUDA.

Correct, that was in the last line of my previous post.

Sorry. You affirm and don’t ask.

…I agree. So the original post should have been why is there a CUDA dependency for the PhysX 3.3.0 samples. Sometimes what I have in my head and what I type don’t correlate.

Another strange thing is that the Debug DLLs from SDK are depending from Checked DLLs.