physx 3.3 cloth collide with mesh problem

Dear everyone,
I have encountered a problem when i use the cloth to collide the model.I call the interface and create cloth object using

m_pCloth = m_pPhysicsSDK->createCloth(gPose, *fabric, particles, PxClothFlag::eSWEPT_CONTACT);

m_pCloth->setCollisionTriangles(m_collisionTriangleArr, 500);

Collision can be produced but the cloth can be passed through the model mesh.

Hoping everyone can help me , thanks!

I think in m_pCloth->setCollisionTriangles(m_collisionTriangleArr, 500), you want tp use triangles to make up the model,but the triangle has front face and back face.All the triangles intersection makes up the mesh.So you should discribe all the thtriangles inconsistently.Hope to help you.