PhysX 3.3 getting access violations when using a PxController

Hi, I am trying to set up the PxController class to make a character controller. I believe I set it up correctly but whenever I try to call a function from the PxController (like move() or getPosition()) it crashes with an access violation because the PxController is a nullptr. Here is what I am doing to set it up:

// Set up the CCT manager and a controller
PxControllerManager* mCCTManager;
mCCTManager = PxCreateControllerManager(*scene);

PxController* controller;
PxCapsuleControllerDesc desc;
    desc.height = 1.75f;
    desc.radius = .5f;
controller = mCCTManager->createController(desc);

// ...

// Move the controller (it crashes with access violation)
PxControllerCollisionFlags collisionFlags =
	entity.getComponent<CCTComponent>().controller->move(disp, 0.1f, 1, filters);

Everything else I have done in PhysX works fine (mostly just rigidbodys) so I don’t think it is a problem with any of my other PhysX code. I am stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I fixed it, it seems that if you don’t pass a material to the PxCapsuleControllerDesc the CCT manager won’t create the pointer to the controller.