PhysX 3.3.x and Pascal GPU issue: is PhysX 3.3.x supports 10 series GPUs?

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The problem is that pxCreateCudaContextManager()->getGPUDispatcher() returns NULL. And I have the message “warning : GPU compute capability 6.1 is not supported by this version of physx. Update the driver to the latest version.” in output log.

I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, 385.28 Driver (the latest at that moment). The same problem occurs on Winodws 8 and Windows 7 32-bit. There are PhysX 3.3.1 in one project and 3.3.2 in another one (yes, these are quite old projects).

Is it a compatibility problem, or is it my own bug? How can it be fixed? Does some one stumbled something like this?

I was googling for some time, but found nothing.

In earlier versions of PhysX (3.3.0 to 3.3.3), the CUDA kernels have to be explicitly compiled for each GPU architecture. In the case of the error message you are seeing, updating to the latest driver version is insufficient. And the error message should also mention that you will need to upgrade to a newer version of PhysX.

Starting from PhysX 3.3.4, we have changed the way CUDA kernels are compiled so that they are forward compatible with newer GPU architectures. I would highly recommend that you upgrade to PhysX 3.3.4.

Great thanks for the answer!
It will not make my customer happy.