Physx Concave Mesh Type not working in Physx 3.00.01116 for 3DsMax 2012

I’m currently having an issue in 3dsMax 2012 with Physx and concave mesh types not simulating properly. I have tried in both 2.91.10904 and 3.00.01116 to create dynamic rigidbody objects (chain links) with concave set as mesh type. I have regenerated the meshes and the collision seems to be fine on the models. However, after hitting the simulate button they simply fall through each other and the world, despite ground collision being active. Setting the chain links to convex works fine with collisions (except for the fact that that explode apart). I have uninstalled the Physx plugin and tried with default Massfx and the simulation with concave mesh types works perfectly. Is there something I am missing with the physfx panel to make this work?