Physx Cuda context manager fails to create gpu dispatcher

I am trying to run Physx HelloGRB snippet but i get this error :

  • CudaKernelWrangler.cpp (111) : internal error : Could not find CUDA module containing function ‘Saturate’.
    and followed by warnings :
  • CudaContextManager.cpp (609) : warning : Failed to create functional GPU dispatcher
  • scscene.cpp (696) : warning : GPU solver pipeline failed, switching to software
  • scscene.cpp (710) : warning : GPU Bp pipeline failed, switching to software
    my specs are :
    OS: Win10 64
    GPU: gt525m(391.35 driver)
    edit: btw i am using Physx 3.4

Your GPU is, unfortunately, not compatible with GRB. It requires a minimum of a Kepler GPU (GTX6 series or later) as the engine makes use of instructions that were not present in earlier GPU architectures. As a result, it will fall back onto CPU PhysX on your laptop and emit an error telling you this: that’s this message: “GPU solver pipeline failed, switching to software”.

However, I haven’t seen the earlier error “Could not find CUDA module containing function ‘Saturate’” before. This could be due to a version of the kernel compatible with your GPU not being found in the library, but it could also indicate that the GPU DLLs are missing.

Please ensure that there is a PhysX3GpuDEBUG_x64.dll/PhysX3GpuCHECKED_x64.dll/PhysX3GpuPROFILE_x64.dll/PhysX3GpuRELEASE_x64.dll in the same folder as the binaries are output to if building for win64; use the x86 variants of the dlls if building for win32. Also ensure that PhysXDevice64.dll/PhysXDevice.dll is present (again depending on win64/win32 configs).

The PhysX3Gpu dll contains the GPU implementation of PhysX and should allow you to instantiate the GPU dynamics on a machine that has a compatible GPU.

Kstorey thank you so much for the reply , it’s really helpful.
I think your first statement is the reason why i can’t get the GPU dispatcher to work, because i had every dll you mentioned in the binaries output folder.
I will try version 3.3 of the SDK. it is sad to not having rigid body GPU simulation.
Again, many thanks.