Physx download

i have heard of the Physx graphics engine availible for download on 8 series cards… i have a 8600GT and i cant seem to find where i download physx… please post up a link

You mean the Ageia Physx Physics Engine.…asp?deptID=1949

You need to create an account @ Ageia , which usually gets verified within 1 day.


Maybe you’ve heard something about an undergoing CUDA rewrite for PhysX engine (as NVidia now owns Ageia). For what I know, the porting is still not ready (or at least still neither public nor in alpha/beta stage), and we hope to get it soon!

Anyway there are a few other physics engines which support GPU acceleration, even if the announced PhysX rewriting looks to be more promising than any other.

So nvidia are gonna put physx on the gfx cards not on the mother board chip set?

makes no sence to me.

it makes perfect sense, gpu’s are getting more and more powerful, stream processors are very powerful and can be dedicated to performing physics calculations easily. also the possibility of adding another gpu in a system to be dedicated to physics processing makes it an even more attractive idea.

oh and the fact that motherboard chipsets arent made for processing data, more for directing it around the system

Still seems better to put it in the mother board. Would be a nother reason to buy Nvidia chipsets over amd, via or intell.