Physx GUI not displayed on Xavier

I’m now trying to use physx on xavier.
I compiled physx and run Snippets, but didn’t show any windows,
and displayed only Snippetxx Done on CommandLine.
How can I get gui window.

I don’t know about the PhysX part, but in general, any GUI display needs to be associated with a session. If you ran from the GUI, then that is automatically met. If you ran on command line over ssh or text console, then you need to tell it which display it is.

Are you running from the GUI? If so, then there is a bug or issue. If not, then log in to a GUI and run “echo $DISPLAY”. On any text login by the same person as the GUI session login, run “echo $DISPLAY”. This is the value you’ll use. Probably it is “:0” or “:1”. So for example, if it is “:0”, then from the non-GUI login:

export DISPLAY=:0 whatever command...

I checked some snippet cmake files and found render disabled in aarch system.
so changed cmake files and modified some link to .so( and so on)
I could render GUI windows.
Xavier Cuda is powerful and rendering is pretty fast.