physX in 3ds max 2013

i just installed the PU6 in max 2013 64bit and when i boot up i get MANY errors about the physx plugin…basically it is not working and max doesn’t see any of the dll’s and the “ribbon” now has crazy characters for the “names”…
a. should i uninstall it and then reinstall
b. uninstall the update to max…will that reinitiate the plugin
c. in either case what is going to happen to my project files i have been working on with the plugin…
really in a quandry about this…didn’t (can’t) find any reference to this issue at autodesk or nvidia.
does anyone have a “real” solution and not just a bunch of “try this” approaches?

The happens if you upgrade 3ds Max without uninstalling PhysxPlugin becuase 3ds max has a default PhysX which has some differences to ours.
Can you try this?

  1. Uninstall PhysX Plugin
  2. Reinstall Max Patch
  3. Reinstall Physx Plugin.
    I think this should fix the problem.

Please! Where do I get physx plugin for max 2010?