PhysX Internal Cuda Error. Simulation can not continue!

Hi, anyone knows how to deal with this error?

The system reported the NpSceneFetchResults.cpp line 216 error.
But I found the simulation process still works. Maybe somewhere
has error happened that I didn’t find.

My OS is windows 10.
Cuda version is V12.0.140.
GPU: RTX A6000
GPU Driver version: 528.89

@vic-chen i’m just another user passing through, do you mind uploading the most recent log? you can find it in the path below:

  • Windows - C:\Users\%username%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Isaac-Sim

i think it’ll give the Nvidia devs a better sense of the context. also, do you recall what you were trying to do when those errors showed up? it looks like you were trying to do a video capture?

Hi @Simplychenable ,
Yes, I’m using movie capture to record a simulation video.
The attachment is Isaac Sim’s log. Thanks for your help.
Best regard!

kit_20230908_120242.log (12.1 MB)

based on a quick glance, the errors showed up when the frames were being rendered out from time to time with no consistency to its intervals. the good news is, the render process wasn’t interrupted because the render picked right back up. what i cannot say for sure is whether the resulting frames look cohesive from start to finish with these CUDA “hiccup”. so hopefully you have had the time to check the clip on your end.

i don’t feel equipped to tell you what caused this specific error. thay said, it does looks like you have two A6000s. not sure if the specific multi gpu had anything to do with the error, but the devs/mods should be able to tell you the cause of it, though!

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a side note - based on the recommended driver mentioned in the doc, yours is ever so slightly more recent. but, i would wait for the official response from the devs/mods before doing anything to your drivers if they have been treating you well.

Hi @Simplychenable,
I have checked the clip, everything looks OK. It looks like I can ignore the error message. No matter what, thanks for your help!

Best regard!

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