PhysX Nvidia Is this all I need?

If I have an Nvidia 8800gt card all I have to do is download the bundle that includes the 174.39 and physx drivers, and I will be able to utilize the PhysX graphics?

I have the same card, downloaded and installed them, the card keeps working fine, but in the menu inside control panel, It doesn’t recognize any phsyx processors in a new separate icon about physx, don’t have any idea if it is working or not, tend to think, that nothing happens. Both in Windows Xp 32 bits, and Vista 32 bits. :no:

174.39 are old drivers, they don’t support PhysX

Go here and download the new bundle. The 177.83 driver package includes PhysX drivers and it’s all you need.

I’m sorry, I didn’t metion that I’ve installed 177.83 , and nothing happens…

Thanks Mac!

Mate, let me know if it worked for you please, thks

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Will do!

I’m d-ling the drivers and 3 demos. Not going to quickly, and I have a very high speed connection!

Everything went great! The demos are really worth seeing. Physx is really going to be a must in future gaming! The bundle that you download is about 30 min. with a high speed connection. The only thing that the Nvidia Physx properties tells you is that you don’t have an Ageia physx accelerator, which yiu don’t need anyway.I’m using win vista 32bit, by the way.

:o So, In Control Panel/ Nvidia physx/Information = “No Nvidia Physx Processor Installed”

Is that message ok?


Mine says, no Ageia physx processor installed, which is fine. I don’t know why yours would say Nvidia.

I don’t know, I played Crysis yesterday with the new drivers, and put AA 8x with everything high and this time it was far better. Useful anyway. Thks for your help!