Physx: PBD Varying Viscosity

In my quest to transfer common Sim setups into Omniverse, consider Honey - that has varying sugar concentrations within that causes the viscosity to vary over its volume.

My initial approach to setting this up was, GeomSubset, to allow me to apply multiple Physics Materials to a single Points primitive, but, unfortunately, GeomSubset does not support tagging Points, only Faces.

So, my next thought is to setup distinct Points primitives that collectively represent the entire volume, such that I can apply a Physics Material, respective to their individual viscosity value(s)? - would that work as well?

We do not support multi-material particle simulation yet, so a particle liquid must be homogeneous. The material must be applied to the particle system and then applies to all objects that are part of the system.

You can mix solid and fluid, though. We do plan to support multi-material in the future.

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