PhysX & Visual Studio 2013

Hi, I am currently trying to evaluate PhysX and have quickly run into the problem of finding libs to link to. I see there are a number of existing threads on this subject but without just asking for someone to create me a custom build I wondered if there was a recommended workaround for this problem?

I assume 3.3.3 will solve these issues, is it available for non Unreal developers, will it be? Do I need to register as for Nsight to get access to this version?

Alternatively is the best plan to request access to the Github repo and build myself? Or am I best to just ask for a custom build?


Quick follow up question: Flex is obviously the new shiny thing, and I won’t ask whether it’s release has any implications for PhysX development as they obviously have their differences and different applications but for my specific requirements it would be interesting to also evaluate flex.

So I have just downloaded the 0.8 release of flex but it also does not contain vs2013 (v12) libs. My only option here is to ask for a fresh build. Is this at all possible?

cheers again

I don’t know when you last looked at the available downloads but there appears to be a0.9 version now. Hope it helps (I’ve no idea what’s in the box though).

It seems to have the VS2012 solution file.