PhysX with visual studio 2013

I’m having some trouble adding PhysX into my engine i get this.

1>PhysX3ExtensionsDEBUG.lib(ExtDefaultSimulationFilterShader.obj) : error LNK2038: mismatch detected for ‘_MSC_VER’: value ‘1700’ doesn’t match value ‘1800’ in App.obj

I looked online and the solutions i saw were to recompile the source for the tool set i am using.

I know that you know about this problem, and that someone compiled PhysX sources with visual studio 2013 for someone who had this problem some mounth ago, so I am asking if someone can compile PhysX 3.3.2 for me too (using DLL multithread (/MD) flag) with visual studio 2013 update 4 (update 3 should also work). I need physx to continue my game engine. However if the next release of physx will come in few days (like 6-7 days) I can wait for them. I’m asking you to compile physx in my place because I would become mad compiling such a great project and because obtaining sources only to recompile them is a waste of your time, my time and space on my disk.

Thanks for any reply you will give me.