PhysX3.2 to PhysX3.3 migration (PxVehicleWheelsDynData::getSuspRaycast)

I’m porting a physX3 plugin for a game engine from physX3.2.4. I just wanted to ask for the replacement of PxVehicleWheelsDynData::getSuspRaycast if there is any.

Something like this ?

"The following accessors to non-persistent data associated with each wheel have been replaced as follows

PxVehicleWheels::getSuspRaycast -> PxWheelQueryResult::suspLineStart, PxWheelQueryResult::suspLineDir, PxWheelQueryResult::suspLineLength"


Thanks for the reply. I also thought so but those functions where already present in the physX3.2.x.


A number of non-persistent parameters have been removed from the PxVehicleWheels structure in 3.3. The functions that queried those parameters have obviously been removed too. The replacement for this is a buffer that is passed as an extra function argument to PxVehicleUpdates. The non-persistent data that was stored in PxVehicleWheels in 3.2 is now stored in the buffer passed to PxVehicleUpdates.

You can see example code that shows how to account for this change in your migration in PhysxGyide -> Migrating From PhysX SDK 3.2 to 3.3 -> PhysX Vehicles




I think I will just remove this function from my plugin. Actually everything is working except some adjustments that I need to do inside the vehicle wrapper.