PhysX3.3 - PxCooking linker error

Hi ,

I am working on a Physx project in a custom engine , after a while , I noticed I hadn’t included PxCooking yet because I didn’t need it at the time. Everything works , i can add actors , move them , etc. However , now i wanted to implement the VehicleSDK and following the samples i noticed i had to cook some convexmeshes.

This is when the awkward error happened , I went back to implement PxCooking via PxCreateCooking as described in the examples. However , i got an unresolved linker error that msvc coludnt link to PxCreateCooking.

I figured i had to include something , so i added the physx3cooking_x86.lib tot the precompiled header i use.
However , when doing this , everything compiles , but when running i ge tan error saying “physx3cooking_x86.lib could not be found”

This is a screen of my header :