Pi Cam v3 (IMX708) on Jetson Nano

will the recently released Raspberry Camera v3 (IMX708) work with jetson nano or what can I do to make it work?

hello ceki,

this is not supported yet. kernel source also not include this sensor driver.
I don’t have details about the release plan, but you may bring-up this sensor driver by yourself.

Hi @ceki,

As mentioned that driver still doesn’t exist on the current source code,

If you are planning to do it yourself, if you need any help to create the camera driver, you can contact us and we can help develop it for you. This is the list of drivers we have help develop/modify:


Roberto Gutierrez,
Embedded SW Engineer at RidgeRun
Contact us: support@ridgerun.com
Developers wiki: https://developer.ridgerun.com/

Hi @ceki
Did you ever get this sensor to work, I’m also trying to use this on jetson nano and would like to know how.

No, still thinking that should i buy this cam or simply buy rpi camv2.

hello ceki,

you may refer to Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for a list of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

I’m also looking forward to see this webcam supported on nano.

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