Pico Monstar & Jetson nano

I would like to use the Jetson nano for the developement of a robotic application for object detection. I am using a time of flight camera from PMD technologies (pico monstar: https://pmdtec.com/picofamily/monstar/). I would like to ask if this camera is compatible to use with Jetson nano?

It’s usb interface, I think there’s no problem to support it but you need to check if vendor provide software for arm linux.

When I ask the vendor about this point this is the answer:
“We currently only support certain hardware + software combinations, which means for Linux ARM 32 bit only a Hard Float distribution is supported.
And for Linux ARM 64 bit only a Soft Float distribution is supported.”
Do you think it would work?

Current Jetson nano is arm64 arch. I don’t understand what does the “Soft Float distribution is supported” means.