Pimax and Steam VR Settings

Anybody who can recommend best performance setting for the combination Omniverse XR - SteamVR - piTool - Pimax 8k x?

If I go close to objects or put the hand controllers near the headset I get sufficient resolution but the view is low res in the depth of field. Only way I found to fix this is to set “Output Settings/Relative Size of XR Buffer” to at least 2. But that is affecting the FPS badly.

Hey Digitcraft, welcome back to the forums.

We haven’t tested at all with Pimax, so it’s hard to get a goodm indication of what you’re seeing. But from what I can tell, pimax has a variable FOV, so perhaps that setting is off for you? https://pimax.com/pitool-manual/

Yes it has. You can narrow the FOV so less pixels has to be rendered so that helps a bit. But one of Pimax benefits is the 180 degree of FOV that you want to take advantage of in some cases. If I open the same scene in Unreal Engine 5 there is a big difference in the milliseconds to render each frame and consequently also the frame rate. About twice as fast in UE 5 even with “performance” render settings selected in Omniverse XR.

Never the less it is useful that you can view a scene in VR using Omniverse even if one always struggles for the optimal settings. And if the final destination is Unreal, Omniverse XR is mainly a tool in the production pipeline.