Pin List about TX2 NX and Xavier NX

I have a question about Pin lists for Jetson TX2 NX and Xavier NX.

3.4 Jetson TX2 NX Pin List has both Signal Name and Function.

②Jetson Xavier NX Datasheet_v1.7
In 3.4 Pin List , only Signal Name is described .

About Jetson Xavier NX Datasheet_v1.7 3.4 Pin List , is the Siganl Name described in Chapter the same as the Function?

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For the pin usage of TX2 NX and Xavier NX, please refer to the Product Design Guide and Pinmux sheet in DLC.

Thank you for your reply.

In the Jetson Xavier NX Pinmux table, does the "Customer Usage Description or Net Name "mean the same as a function?

Hello, Do the above perceptions match?

Yes, the usage should match the available options of pin.

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