Pin Voltage not sufficient

Im trying to drive a BLDC Motor through an ESC.
It looks like the ESC isnt getting sufficient voltage from the PWM pins of the Jetson Nano which I configured.

The pins, on measurement through a multimeter, give out an output voltage of 2.2-2.6V, and not close to 3-3.3V.

How do i get this up or is this the maximum the pins can provide?
Or is it something with the supply im using to the board? ( I use a 5V-4A barrel jack adapter )

Hi, which PWM pin are you using? What’s the current request on its output?

Pin number 33.
Im running a python script for PWM Generation continously.
If the delay of the while loop for generation is 1, Jetson gives out close to 3V and motor runs.
However if the delay in the while loop reduces to milli, Jetson gives 2.2V and motor doesnt run.

Is it GPIO13 pin? According to your description, it looks like RC problem of kHz freq. Can you use oscilloscope to capture the waveform of pin output with and without motor to check if any difference?