Ping Nok when no hdmi !

Hi all,

I have a problem.
I have a static IP configure on both Eth.
When i plug my HDMI, after a few sec, i can ping my Jetson.
When i boot the Jetson with no HDMI in, i cant ping it.

Do you have any idea on whats is happening ?!?


Hi francoisBilberry,

Can you see what exactly happened when boot up? Do you have uart serial console for debugging??
How about unplugged HDMI when you successfully ping Jetson?

Thank you for your answer.

I finally found out.

Since 16.04, ubuntu uses systemd… but also sysvinit (initd)

My net config was configure through initd.
So i made it with systemd.
I also disabled NetworkManager. It was overwritting my config when X11 was loaded.

Thx again!