Pinmux changes


We have contracted out a new carrier board for a tx2i. The contractor has provided an updated pinmux xls file. I took those dsti files and did this:

cd /data/Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux/t186

python --pinmux addr_info.txt gpio_addr_info.txt por_val.txt  tegra18x-jetson-tx2i-tx2-4gb-template-pinmux.dtsi tegra18x-jetson-tx2i-tx2-4gb-template-gpio-default.dtsi 1.0 > ../../../bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-quill-p3489-1000-a00.cfg

python --pad pad_info.txt  tegra18x-jetson-tx2-config-template-padvoltage-default.dtsi  1.0 > ../../../bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pad-quill-p3489-1000-a00.cfg

I then flash the board

sudo ./ jetson-tx2i.conf mmcblk0p1

The cfg files are attached.
tegra186-mb1-bct-pad-quill-p3489-1000-c03.cfg (499 Bytes)

tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-quill-p3489-1000-a00.cfg (24.8 KB)


  1. Do we have to rebuild the kernel also or is the cfg file placement and flash sufficient?
  2. It looks like the AUDIO_HW and DMIC_HV are not being updated to power from the 3.3V regulator. if you read the dtd and dts files, the rails are sill powered by the 1.8V regulator.


Do I also need to update a dtsi file?

Hello, I am still struggling with this. I have simplified my test case to test on my P3310 tx2 devkit.

I only do the following in the spreadsheet:
set AUDIO_HV to 3.3V
set DMIC_HV to 3.3V
change GPIO3_PI.04 to be an output

I generate the dsti files and the cfg files.

I process them like this:
cd ${DIR}/kernel/pinmux/t186

python --pinmux addr_info.txt gpio_addr_info.txt por_val.txt tegra18x-jetson-tx2-config-1-pinmux.dtsi tegra18x-jetson-tx2-config-1-gpio-default.dtsi 1.0 > …/…/…/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-quill-p3310-1000-c03.cfg

python --pad pad_info.txt tegra18x-jetson-tx2-config-1-padvoltage-default.dtsi 1.0 > …/…/…/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pad-quill-p3310-1000-c03.cfg

I rebuild the kernel and flash it.

I then look at DMIC_HV Pin GPIO3_PI.04 (which should be gpio388 ( or pin 37 on J21).

I Measure J21:Pin37 = 1.8V

What is the next step? It feels like the cfg file is not taking effect.


Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

Hello, I never made progress on this. Apparently our contractor asked independently and Nvidia said it wasn’t possible.