Pinmux Config Mistake

I am about to create my own carrier boards for the Jetson Nano B01 and for getting it to know I have been going through the OrCad schematic files(PDF) and the excel Pinmux Config file. However, there seems to be a mistake in one of the files with the CSI1_D0 (N and P) pins. In the excel file it says that the pin numbers are 2,3 and in the schematic file it says 3,5. Either there’s something wrong or I don’t get something since pin 2 is a GND pin in the schematics.

Could anybody have a look at my problem and let me know?

Thanks in advance

hello benjamin.heisenBerg,

may I know which pinmux spreadsheets release version you’re working with?
I’m looking into v1.01 release version, it shows CSI1_D0_N, and CSI1_D0_P were pin-3 and pin-5.

could you please get the latest pinmux spreadsheet from download center to have confirmation,