Pinmux configuration

I am trying to figure out how to update device tree with spreadsheet for jetson nano devkit. Following adaptation instructions from developer guide 32.7.1, flash script proceed with success, but it has no effect at the end.

For example, below my scripted session with edited gpio07 pin direction to output. I also tried different spreadsheet changes, but gpioinfo stays the same all time. Am I missing something?
flash_session.txt (55.9 KB)
uart_log.txt (58.9 KB)
gpioinfo.txt (17.2 KB)

hello scotland_forever,

are you going to use this pin GPIO07 / LCD_BL_PWM / GPIO3_PV.00 as GPIO or PWM?
could you please export the pin via sysnode and toggle the pin manually?
for example,
# cd /sys/class/gpio
# echo 168 > export
# cd gpio168
# echo out > direction && echo 1 > value

Its just example for my work with adaptation docs, so I’m not going to use it somehow. My gpio07 spreadsheet configuration touched only pin direction and customer usage stayed as GPIO3_PV.00.

At your request: pin toggles as usual as if nothing has changed.

It seems like jetson doesn’t want to use my recompilled dtb, even with a manually defined fdt var in extlinux.conf

OK, nevermind. I asked the wrong question

Dtb updates with script\fdt var, it can be checked with dtb build time in /proc/…
The pin I needed was busy by other dtsi file, so I deleted unnecessary include and everything worked

hello scotland_forever,

just for confirmation, is there any follow-up issue, are we able to close this topic?


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