Pinmux POR state and Req. Initial State

Hi NVIDIA team,

Just had two questions.

  1. In the Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template_1.5.xlsm there is two columns named POR State (Power On Reset?) and Req. Initial State (When first configured). How are this two states different? Could you explain a little bit more the timing of this states (with timing I mean at which point are this states when the Board is powering up).
  2. Why is the POR state not customizable?


POR state is the default pin status when power on reset, it is in very early stage and can not be changed. The request initial state can be set after pinmux setting is loaded.

Is this request initial state at boot time?
I know the Pinmux is loaded during MB1 (that is configured at boot time), but I believe that required initial is after boot time (specified in the exported gpio.dtsi from the pinmux spreadsheet). Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Pinmux could be changed in UEFI and kernel too. MB1 may initialize the pinmux first, but again modified by other components during boot flow.

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