Pinmuxing error using gpio BB 0

in the pinmux sheet we have tried to put initial state to high for GPIO3_PBB00 (gpio 9 , pin 211) by setting “Req. Initial State” to PU as well as drive 1, yet we are receiving initial value as 0 itself, but by manually exporting the gpio we are able to change the value inside target board after flashing.
we are not finding this issue with no other gpios we are using except this.
(the created pinmux and gpio files created from excel pinmux sheet have been replaced at its location inside /porg/kernel-dts/porg-platforms.)

the board we are using is nano production som.
the gpio pin is to act as a disable pin for the Bluetooth module.

hello darsan.pradeep,

how you apply the pin configuration update, did you overwrite the dtsi files and perform image flash to update DTB partition?

No it was a error from our side , we thought we had done DTB porting , but didn’t work just with updating gpio value using gpio-hog driver.

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