Pinned memory and streaming Having problems accessing pinned memory


Can anyone point me to some information about pinned memory? Basically I want to how it is different to normal memory allocation on the host. I am experimenting with streaming and trying to explore the contents of memory allocated with cudaMallocHost() using gdb and cuda-gdb. The problem is that I get “Cannot access memory at address …” every time I try access values stored in that array. I am not sure if that is normal or if the memory allocation has been destroyed some how. Any other comments on pinned memory and streaming would be appreciated.



Dear Boerboon,
I too have tried to improve my code by using cudaMallocHost but find debugging (using GDB from with emacs) more difficult as GDB says Cannot access memory at address 0x2aaab2ca6024
(I am using 64bit Centos).

Were you able to make progress on this?
Or perhaps someone knows of a work around?

As always any help would be most welcome