Pipeline example using nvvideosink to connect it to a EGLStream Consumer


I would like to use the GStreamer component nvvideosink. Is there a sample pipeline using it, maybe producing a kind of videotestsrc?

I want it to build a GStreamer pipeline and connect the output to a EGLStream Consumer. Is this possible? How can I indicate to this component the file descriptor that the consumer defined?

The nvvideosink plugin is rarely used, so we would suggest check samples about eglstream prducer/consumer in


And refer to this post:
Problems getting EGL Stream transferred to another process on same machine - #7 by DaneLLL

If you would like try, may refer to the sample:
EGL acquire adjacent two frames use EGL_STREAM_TIME_PRODUCER_KHR, why the timestamps diff about 80ms - #11 by DaneLLL
It is tested on r28 release, but not tried on r32 releases. You may give it a try.