pix6c-mini-NX uart/usart communication stuck during the boot time

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hello, I am using the Orin-Nx(16gb jetpack 5.1.2) as the board-computer for my UAV system, the flight control core is pixhack 6cMini. To pass the mavlink message between Orin-Nx and the 6cmini, the uart/usart port of the onx is connected with the 6cmini telem port.
When we turn on the power(Onx and 6cmini give power together), the Onx boots and it turns to the “test key” mode after soon, this makes it boot failed and stuck into the “test key” mode.
I guess it is because of the 6cmini power on together with the Onx , and the mavlink message is thought as the console command by the Onx, and let the Onx turn to the test key mode. So I cut the connection between the 6cmini and the Onx(they connect with three dupont line, tx rx ground), and boot the ONx, it works fine and log in the graphical interface(also it gives some warning, anyway it is mentioned by some other topic ). after that , I connect the Onx and the 6cmini again, the mavlink-mavros message is read through the program successfully.
it seems work fine, but I must pull the port of dupont line out of the Onx’s uart/usart port at the beginning time, and push it back after the Onx is turned on, which jump the boot mode choice. It is too cumbersome.
so is there any way to solve this problem? just like turn down the “test key” mode or turn down the uart/Usart at the begining?

You must not use the Debug UART (UART2) on the button header for anything other than the bootloader and Linux console. Use UART0 or UART1 on the 40-pin header, and your problems will go away.

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