pixel bleeding sometimes when screen is in portrait mode


At times I see silver greenish redish bright lines or tiny silver spots at the top corner of the screen if I have set the monitor in portrait mode. This is especially noticeable when Im scrolling around 1000+ lines in the terminal but other times it just appears randomly and I cant pin point which program if any, could be causing it.

This could probably be because I had to add:

option "UseNvKmsCompositionPipeline" "false"

in order to stop nvidia usage from spiking to 23% to 28% when idle and in portrait mode.

The bleedspots dont show if I comment out that option but I need to have it in there to avoid nvidia usage from spiking unusually high when the system’s idle. However when the system is busy with anything, browsing for example, the usage drops down to around 9%, and when its idle it again climbs back up. Adding that option prevents this behavior in portrait mode. In landscape mode all this is irrelevant because it works fine whether I have that option turned on or not.

But I need to use the monitor in portrait mode so any suggestions on this would be appreciated.


Im attaching the logs below:

driver: 415.18
kernel: 4.19.4
Xorg: 1.20.3
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (251 KB)

Can anyone suggest how I could use the monitor in portrait mode without experiencing those bright pixel flickerings described above and spikes in nvidia usage when idle?