Plans to use newer kernel than 4.4


Currently I would like to use AppArmor with the jetson-tx2, and some features (dbus access control) is present only in newer kernel version. The securityfs in Linux 4.4 is missing features (like symlinks).
Right now, at least I would like to have 4.8 and above.

Is there’s any plans to upgrade the jetson-tx2 kernel? Do you have roadmap plans for that?

I see in the that kernel 4.9 is supported.
I don’t know is supported only for the Xavier, or would it work also with the jetson-tx2?


Bassem Mohsen

I just tested the rootfs from L4T 31.0.1 on the jetson-tx2. Seems that Nvidia is already supporting kernel 4.9.108.

Then. I already found the answer.
Consider it resolved. or answered.

Bassem Mohsen