Platform Adaptation: Porting Linux Kernel

I am trying to use a customized carrier board with Jetson TX1 and I am following Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide.

I have ported U-Boot by downloading the U-Boot source code from git and making the modifications mentioned in the guide. I am not sure if this is the right way to do it or if linux systems already have these source files stored somewhere which I should modify?

Also, I tried a similar approach to port the Linux Kernel.The instructions in the guide says:

From the arch/arm64/boot/dts/tegra210-platforms/ directory, copy each
file whose name has the form:
Copy each file to:

Inside the source files for linux kernel, which I downloaded from git, I don’t see tegra210-platforms
directory. However, there is an nvidia directory, but it doesn’t seem to have a dtsi file corresponding to any kind of . At this point I am pretty sure I have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Kindly provide guidance.

Those instructions appear to be from an older release, e.g., R24.2. What release are you using?

FYI, the driver package comes with file “” (JetPack downloads the driver package, but I just download the driver package by itself). You can use this to download both kernel and U-Boot source for R28.2 (current release) via:

# Kernel:
./ -k tegra-l4t-r28.2
# U-Boot:
./ -u tegra-l4t-r28.2

This also downloads some subdirectories which some kernel configs might reference using relative paths outside of the kernel source itself.

Hi skr_robo,

I can’t open the doc link you provided, and the latest version of TX1 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide we published is


I have downloaded the source for R28.2 (release that I am using). And the instructions being used are from the guide posted by @kaycc. The reason why I am confused is because a lot of details mentioned in the guide doesn’t match what I am seeing in the source directory structure. I have made a lot of assumptions so far to proceed. I am looking for better instruction set if available.

Sorry about the link. I think it expired because I just copied the pdf link when I was logged in. However, it is same as what you have posted.

If you have problem in building “kernel source”, please refer to L4T document.