platform/device versions mismatch


Having downloaded the 295.73 drivers for my GeForce 9600M GT (and on another machine, my 9500 GT) I have a mismatch between my CL_DEVICE_VERSION and my CL_PLATFORM_VERSION

The platform version is “OpenCL 1.1 CUDA 4.1.1” whilst the more believable device version is “OpenCL 1.0 CUDA”

Ever since the new drivers have been installed I’ve been getting some very odd compilation errors, which I won’t go into here, just yet (proprietary code, for a start - but I’m sure I’ll be able to demonstrate with something non-proprietary, given time). The point is, it all compiled no problem with the previous drivers.

My question, if you’d be so good … does this mismatch look wrong to you? Seems odd to see OpenCL 1.1 mentioned on a card which was sitting on my desk before 1.1 was released

Something else which looks wrong is the CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_* values I’m seeing …

  • CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_WIDTH is 2048 (ok, good)
  • CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_HEIGHT is 2048 too (again, fine)
  • but CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_DEPTH is also a somewhat unbelievable 2048 (16, surely?)

Any input much appreciated


No, that’s actually fine, see my post over here. Also, OpenCL 1.1 defines some minimum hardware requirements that of course can be fulfilled by a card that was manufactured before the OpenCL 1.1 specification was released.

That’s fine, too. 3D texture can be large these days. Actually, 2048 is the required minimum, see the clGetDeviceInfo documentation.

Danke eybex