Play music i2s no signal

I play with aplay -D: 1,0 panio2.wav
But testing I2S, clk, lrclk, din, bclk. There is no signal
My i2s1 connected J21 is as follows
gnd to pin6
vin to pin2
din to pin40
lrclk to pin35
bclk to pin12

Sometimes play will pop up
Playing WAVE ‘piano2.wav’: Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Stereo
aplay: pcm_write: 1940: write error: Input / output error
What is the relationship with this?
What should I do?

Tre below command and check again.

amixer -c 1 sset "ADMAIF2 Mux" "ADMAIF1" // set the source of ADMAIF2 Mux as ADMAIF1
amixer -c 1 sset "I2S1 Mux" "ADMAIF1" // set the source of I2S1 Mux as ADMAIF1
aplay -Dhw:1,0 piano2.wav // play a wav file to ADMAIF1

@ShaneCCC thank you