Play right channel audio file silently

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Previously, I had a problem where the upper layer could only play the left channel.
The link above solves the problem.

But I find another question:
When I play a left channel audio file, There is sound in both the left and right channels.
But when I play a right channel audio file, there is no sound.


Apologies for the delayed reply. The solution/WAR provided in earlier link copies the left channel data to right channel. Hence the issues. So the right approach would be to rootcause the issue in userspace and resolve it. However, providing below WARs to unblock you

So if you are playing just left channel audio and expect just left channel, you should use below mixer control

amixer -c es8316tegra cset name="I2S5 Playback Mono To Stereo Conv" "None"

and if you are playing just right channel audio and expect just right channel audio, below mixer setting may help

amixer c 1 cset name="I2S5 Playback Stereo to Mono Conv" CH1

Let me know if any issue with WAR


Hi, atalambedu,
Sorry for reply delay, because we have a holiday.

Your method is work fine, But only effective for single channel file.
If I have a two channel file, what should I do?
for example:


For stereo playaback, you mentioned that below mixer setting helped right as your userspace was sending stereo file as left only file to the kernel space
amixer -c es8316tegra cset name="I2S5 Playback mono to stereo conv" "COPY"

Ref: Only left channel can play sound in the "Video" APP - #20 by Xzz

Am I missing something?



It just copied the sound from the left channel to the right channel.

In this music ,male voice and female voice are different channels.
And I want the left side of the headset to play left channel music, and the right side to play right channel music.
Now the music playing on the left and the right is the same


I see. Yes this was a WAR like i mentioned. You may need to explore some userspace config to render different channels content.

Meanwhile, let me dig a little to come up with suggestion in this regard. Kindly expect a day of delay as ubuntu userspace configuration is out of our scope of suggestions.


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