Playing with Caustics in Create

Playing with Caustics in Create. When trying caustics, make sure to adjust the firefly filter, helps all the rays get through. In this case, I just turned off the filter.


cool - iray or realtime?

Hi, this looks fantastic, but of course the rendertimes to get clean results are still a bit extreme.

Is there an effort to integrate the caustics work completed on the latest NvRTX-Caustics UE4 branch into Omniverse?

Specifically this:

It would be great to have accurate realtime path-traced caustics in Omniverse as already demonstrated by Nvidia in UE4.


Try enabling Caustics for the real-time mode here:

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Wow, I was ignoring the Real-Time renderer but the caustics implementation there is fantastic. Of course the OmniGlass shader lacks glass dispersion for now but I believe you are working on a new Omni Standard Surface that brings these parameters into a standard surface model (so much easier in production!) will it also have dispersion support?

Thank you