Please add a hotkey for bringing up the the Debug Focus dialog

I am unaware of a shortcut for bringing up the Debug Focus dialog.

A hotkey/shortcut would be great.


You can define your own keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio by following these steps:

  1. In the Tools menu execute Customize
  2. In the Customize Dialog click on Keyboard…
  3. In the Options|Keyboard Dialog
    3a. In the Show command containing: field type Nsight.Cuda.FocusPickerMenu.
    3b. Click in the Press shortcut keys field and press the a keyboard shortcut. If the shortcut does not conflict with an existing shortcut or your prefer your definition click OK; otherwise, try a different shortcut.

The keyboard customization menu is also available through Tools|Options…|Environment|Keyboard.

The Nsight team avoids defining Visual Studio global keyboard shortcuts that avoid collision with the multiple Visual Studio keyboard standards as well as common add-ons is extremely difficult.

Perfect! Alt-T is my new jam. My mouse+keyboard thank you. :)