Please Allow Overclocking

of mobile chips! I don’t understand why this is available on Windows, but disabled in Linux. I understand the heat issues, but Linux users tend to be more knowledgeable than Windows users. Why do we get this restriction and they don’t?

I spent an entire day trying to get overclocking working, just to find out it’s disabled on my laptop and on my HTPC. I then spent the rest of the day trying to trick the driver into thinking it was a desktop. And no, GPU BIOS mods won’t work as the GPU firmware is integrated into the system BIOS.

My HTPC is an old 7150m that stutters a little in some SD video. I’ve modded it to idle at only 24C CPU/ 35C GPU. My laptop is a 9600m GS with stock clocks of 430/400 core/mem. In windows it can safely go up to 590/485 under stress-testing.

Please, please, PLEASE, is there anything I can do? Modify the install files? Pass an option to my modprobe.conf? If not, could you implement a “NVreg_IsMobile” modprobe.conf option I could set to “0”?

Try using the nvclock utility.

nvclock says my 7150m is -1876543MHz, or similar. And freezes the system if I change it, doesn’t matter if I use lowlevel or coolbits3d. nvclock used to work with my 9600m, but it had the same issue as nvidia-settings. You can downclock, but overclocking spits out an error and then resets the clock. Now nvclock spits garbled errors with the newer drivers for anything at all.

In my searches, I found the Nvidia devs have told people that they disabled overclocking on mobile chipsets some years ago.


Bump as much as you want, NVIDIA devs will not help you here.

Your GPU is outdated, and NVIDIA’s policy is against OC’ing mobile GPUs.

Besides 9600m GPUs are notorious for their soldering problems - it’s strange you haven’t blown your laptop up by OC’ing it.

Well the 9600m is still supported. And just because it’s a current policy doesn’t mean they can’t be dissuaded. Beside that, it’s not Nvidia’s policy, it’s a one or more dev’s for one of their drivers that made this choice. The same driver on Windows officially supports overclocking within the NVCPL.

And yeah, I read once that the G96 is missing some layer in the silicon that holds down connections. Been a while since I read that, forgot details.

If you really want to ‘overclock’ it, you might be able to just modify the VGA BIOS code on your BIOS with a new default clock speed. Be aware that you can easily brick your laptop if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Can appreciate the need to manipulate clock speeds on mobile chips.

I’d love to underclock my Quadro K1000M in order to prevent my new Dell Precision M4700 laptop from periodically attempting to achieve liftoff while browsing the web.

Seriously, idle GPU temps run 10 degrees celcius hotter than CPU – utterly pointless heat generation due to stripping laptop users of Coolbits functionality.

Why was this taken away? Why can we not UNDERCLOCK mobile cards??