Please chnage the Italian CUDA news

This morning I proposed to our client an upgrade to CUDA4.2 due the upcoming server changes we are going to do
in order to not change CUDA version and hardware at same time (in case of problems).

With my surprise they are claiming that CUDA4.1 is the one suggested by NVIDA due this page:

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Can you suggest me what I have to reply?

CUDA 4.2 is the most recent released version of CUDA. CUDA 5.0 is currently in preview for registered developers (preview implies alpha quality). I have contacted relevant resources in NVIDIA with regard to the status of the Italian CUDA site. Thank you for making us aware of this issue.

My question was more like: shall I tell them that NVIDA site is wrong?

Anyway, while you are at it, consider to contact people responsible for other countries as well:





and so on.

The issue with all language-specific websites has been recognized and a solution is being worked on. You can tell your client that the Italian CUDA website is currently showing outdated contents, and that the most recent released version of CUDA is 4.2. This will also be clear once you or they download the toolkit package(s). I am sorry for the confusion that was caused by the outdated web sites, and thanks once again for bringing this to our attention.